"Grenzen los" Award 

"Grenzen los" Award

"Grenzen los" Diplom
"Grenzen los - Award" Until November 9th, 1989 Helmstedt was located directly at the German zonal border which devided Germany in two parts: The German Democratic Republic on the eastern side, the Federal Republic of Germany on the western side. Helmstedt was the biggest east-west border crossingpoint in Europe with border control checkpoints for the railway and road traffic. Helmstedt also was a checkpoint for the allied troops in Germany for the military traffic from and to Berlin.

At May 6th, 1996 the region of Helmstedt presented the concept "GRENZEN los" ("BORDER less"). This concept is the official contribution of the region of Helmstedt to the world exhibition "EXPO 2000" in Hannover. Following monuments which remind of the former devision of Germany are parts of this concept: The "Zonengrenzmuseum Helmstedt" (zonal border museum), the "Gedenkstaette Deutsche Teilung" (memorial of the German division, the former allied checkpoint A or the former GUEST Marienborn) and the "Grenzdenkmal Hoetensleben" (border monument). The local chapter of the DARC takes part in this concept with amateur radio special event stations. Amateurs (including SWLs) which contacted three special event stations can acquire the amateur radio award "GRENZEN los". Since May 6th, 1996 following stations are activated: DAØGDH, DAØGDT, DAØZGH, DFØGDH, DKØZGH and DLØGDT. One missing station can be replaced by the clubstation DFØELM as joker.
All contacts after May 6th, 1996 count for this award. There is no band or mode restriction. The award fee is EUR 5.00 or US $ 8.00.

Please send your application with a copy from your log (no QSLs required) to:

DARC OV Nord-Elm (H54)
Heinz Ruediger Greilich
Ringstrasse 5

This award is printed multicoloured on white paper weighing 180 g/m2, size DIN A4.

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